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Whether you buy your system from us or have an existing system, we can provide 24 Hour Monitoring well below national company rates.

We make monitoring your system easy and affordable. While other security companies’ lock you into mandatory 3-year contracts. Wyoming Security is proud to offer you monitoring one year at a time as well as other money saving incentives.

In seconds, along with any alarm sounding at the premises, the alarm signal is transmitted via the phone lines or radio waves through an electronic switched network to Emergency 24’s Central Station. Electronic equipment interfaced with a computer network is teamed with our trained and tested monitoring staff to speed alarm responses. The system automatically dials emergency numbers. A monitor reports the emergency, and HELP IS ON THE WAY.

Each situation is different, and Emergency 24 will customize the response according to individual needs. We will call to verify an alarm signal before we dispatch emergency authorities. Or, if you preferred, we can call the authority immediately, without verification from the premises. Then we call your designated contacts until we reach someone to report that authorities have been dispatched. For emergency conditions other than fire or burglary, you have a choice of a dozen response options.

Many different alarm monitoring options are available to further customize your system from Open/Close reporting and monthly activity reports, to Uplink cellular monitoring. Also with a properly equipped system, fire, carbon monoxide, water, medical, and temperature reporting are also available.

Conditions we monitor:

Burglary Detection
Fire Protection
Medical alarms
Personal Emergency
AC Power Loss
Carbon Monoxide
Gas Detection
Panic/Hold Up
Open/Close Reporting
Activity supervision

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